The Substance of Things HOPED for…

cropped-cropped-cropped-2015-07-24-20-35-321.jpg  “The patient person eats ripe fruit”– African Proverb

Welcome!  My name is Rafiah Maxie and I am a Licence Clinical Social Worker.

The Substance of Things HOPED for” was started by me to share, discuss and encourage persons who have a deep calling to do “something big in life” but find the challenges of life to be overwhelming!  As a mother, caregiver, survivor of domestic abuse and social worker, I truly understand how “life can be a balancing act”  filled with decisions to be made and desires to be fulfilled!!!

As a young girl from the South Side of Chicago, I was fortunate to be surrounded by challenging obstacles and catastrophic circumstances.  What  made these experiences “fortunate” was that they gave birth my perseverance when all else say otherwise.  

Now as a clinical social worker,  for over 19 years I have heard the life stories of thousands of people from all walks of life! The common thread that comes from their stories is how they overcame adversity and held on to a purpose or dream. Often time, they don’t even recognize that they did it!   I call that Goal Achieved!

I want this to be a site that YOU feel ownership to!  Your thoughts, discussion and comments not only feed into the process of change in your life, but also help others (including me) with taping into their authentic self.

Feel free to add your comments and thoughts.  I look forward to our work together!

All The Best!

Rafiah Maxie, LCSW




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