“Please” and “Thank you” are the Magic Words

Do you remember when you were first told to say “Please” “Thank you” to someone?

For me, I can’t remember.  It must have when I was  very young.   Or during a time when I repeated EVERYTHING that I was told to say.

For others,  It was a one of those moments when we may not rememvber exactly why we said it..but the feeling of saying “Please” or “Thank You” put a magicalical moment in us.

For me, I remember the smiles and warm feelings from saying it. It was as if I did something BIG.  For others, it may have been a sign of acknowledgement, giving a someone a trophy of honor that they are appreciated.

Whatever it did for us, we continue to keep this humble baton close.  It is truly one of the most powerful words in the dictionary  of life.


Say it often, keep its power…and apply it to your own life..


Say Please to yourself when you know you are resisting a issue .  Say THANK YOU when you did that “thing” you had no understanding of why you did it…


IT is the substance of things ….


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